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  • Music Events/Concerts

  • Event Documentation

  • Company Milestones

  • Event Marketing

  • Award Shows

  • Small Events

  • Large Events

This is the biggest day of your life, we do more for you than just line up the perfect shot. We'll meet with you to discuss your dreams for the big day, and your wishes for how you'd like to remember it. We'll take care of all the details to preserve your memories perfectly.

  • Charity Fundraisers

  • Company Picnics

  • Company Meetings

  • Corporate Outings

  • Sales Meetings

  • Shareholder Meetings

  • Company Milestones

Your family is your life, your love, and your support. Our goal is to capture and preserve all your precious memories to tell your family's story in the most beautiful way. No matter the milestone, trust Stephen to create something amazing for you.

​Architecture photography is more than just angles and point of reference : It is a way of selling a lifestyle. It makes the viewer feel compelled, warm, and sophisticated. Architecture photography sets the standard for what makes a house a home, and a property a place for creating special memories.  

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